So Many Memories


I keep taking all of this in,

hypnotized in the magic hour,

and not remembering in the morning.


How do I keep

this gold sky, blue sun,

so much I don’t know but it doesn’t matter in the dark

in a place with so many memories?


Sometimes they catch up with me,

climb on my shoulders,

now I am panting and I just know this hill is the last thing I will see and I am wishing I would have said everything to you instead of nothing


but I didn’t say nothing, I just said nothing out loud

and sometimes I think this is the only way I can speak

but I have so many memories.


For a second I think most of them are regrets

and then I read back through them and

somehow lightning hit me and I feel the scars

but it left a spark.


I can take in all this past

and write about the world at home.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 8/14/20

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