A Short List Of The Things We Know


Once upon a time

my words fell apart

and told me I had nothing else to give.


Once upon a time

I believed them.


Telling, isn’t it,

the things we know when they are finally written down.


So I guess

I only write down what I know

and not what is true.


I will write you down until you don’t seem like truth

but you are still here

something I can touch

and mold into something that doesn’t look like a lie.


So here is a short list

of the things we know:


sometimes I don’t deserve you.


I can see the rain before the storm starts.


I can’t always see you.


When I see you there is something in your eyes

I might break again.


I will not do everything right.


I will do most things wrong.

I bleed when you get cut

and I can’t stop the slide.


I am sure I have never seen perfect

but your hand in mine

is as close as I have ever felt.


I will not be everything you need.


But I will try to be the moon if it feels like the sun won’t rise

and I wish for you every morning.


I love you.


You are first on the list

of the things I think I know.


I only hope I’m right.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 4/12/20

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Now THIS is a love poem!

Now THIS is a love poem!


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