Phantom Touch


Sometimes I sleep for centuries

and still wake up


on end

on fire.


I don’t feel anyone here

but the bridges

they burn with a presence.


It is your

phantom touch

and it shocks me alive.


Skin on stairs

Mouth on mine

Breathe a resolution

and the castles

we can make them crumble.


I am shivering

in ways

you would blush to think of.


I have not met

this kind of torture before,

feeling a ghost of a touch

shimmer my skin

and standing face to face

with a mirror that does not know you.


I am not being held prisoner

but kept out of the air you breathe

and there is laughter from the world that

thinks it could bring us down.


Anytime I get

a glimpse of you,

your phantom touch,

I catch it in a blink

and save it for so many dreams


Tell me which

slivers you want me to slice up

and in the hours when I lie next to you

I will spill them on your skin

and hold nothing back.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 6/16/19

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