Writing on the Wall


When have we not gone on

dancing this promise

fighting this darkness with fire

that might burn us

but it’s not going to

take us apart


When have we not known that

words could cut us

but we have used them to

build us up too


All the writings on the wall

are me screaming your name

so even when we’re falling

we don’t have to lose


Sometimes I think I write too much

about taking things apart

and not enough about building them

and maybe that is why I love you like I love sunsets

why the pieces of me are pieces of you


When have we not known

we are cracked and rootless

but intertwined we keep shadowing maybe


When have we not seen

worlds in monsters

we take one look in their eyes and

you are home


But my handwriting keeps filling up your walls

like you don’t want to get rid of me

like even if you did it would take a lifetime to learn

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 4/9/19

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