I keep on running

and still my feet don’t hit the ground

I should be out of words by now.


I don’t stay for the singing, I stay for the beat.

I stay for how hard my heart pounds as the sun goes down.

I stay for the feeling

whether it lifts me up or chokes me on the ground,

we need to burn like fire or we could burn out.


Take it in

take it in

bring it out

this is your song,

I want you,

I don’t want your mind to pull you away

so I will listen to it with you.


I think

your voice is the one singing in my throat,

I listen and write and

it gets clearer every day.


I think

love is a choice

and I am choosing you,

I am knowing you no matter what.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 4/18/18

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