Wake Up


Don’t talk don’t slip don’t hurt yourself

I’m lying in the road when you leave

You tell me things I need to hear

I hang on every lie


I’m a bulletproof bottle, a tangle of strings

Fall at your feet, tie your words together

you can’t get out of the tunnel unscratched

You are so far from underwater

but I draw you negative on this page

and you still reach above my dreams


Don’t move don’t drag me behind your gold

when I’m here I just want to give you a pedestal

You tell me what’s important

that I’m still on the list


There’s an ocean in me

that rises when you pull a laugh

out of someone else’s hands

Maybe you have

more in common

your names

sound nice together

but something about this leaves me trembling

everything stands on end

and sometimes when I get to wake up

your face is the first thing I see.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 3/10/18

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