You pull me out of this world

Can you sell the golden time it takes

before I beg you


before I crumble

I’m yours


You could take them to the street corner

“These are minutes filled with magic”

“A dollar a dozen,

step right up, I’ll make you a wizard”

You make me moan

and I will be the first one there


When the light fades you can find us here

every part of me with you

we know every rule

and we break them until dawn

and I will press all I have

onto your lips

your voice in my ear,

come for me,

your fingers a red hot flash

the second I get tricked into thinking I don’t need you,

I will spread my touch like fog on your skin,

I will collapse everywhere I can hear your voice like that again,

fuck no minds wandering,

we are lasers fused in the best way,

magicians captivated by each other,

we let ourselves be here.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 2/13/18

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