Breathing might be overrated


Just one burning piece of

skin on skin

I remember how to lift and fall like this

or maybe

I have just

never forgotten


I know

how to play you

so you forget

everything but

the names of the places

I haven’t touched you yet


you coax

things out of me

I would never have said






needing you



breathing might be overrated.


There is something drawing us together.

I spend time and don’t see it passing

I don’t watch the clock

I would much rather hear you whisper in my ear.


Ignite me

breathe in the heat

if you have any oxygen left

we haven’t spent on

half breathing

half pulling music out of each other’s mouths.


As our fire

is written

there is another

whole cavern

in my chest

you have discovered

when you touch me like that,

one I never knew,

the one that shivers

and could sing a duet with your fingertips,

the one that stays alive now.


It’s only when I’m untangling myself from you

I realize

all my breath is gone,

somehow stolen

to a home

in your pocket-

I will make up for it

with the need I can’t forget

and I will write on your lips

you are

the best thief

I have ever

let lie

inside of me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 11/29/17

Playing catch-up posting haha

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