Something To Believe In


I want to have unlimited time to hold

all the things you are

now that I know you.


Now that I know

where north on my compass points

no matter which way I turn.


Now that I know

how to link your fingers

in a thunderstorm

so you don’t even feel the rain.


Now that I know

you see monsters and fairy tales and horizons,

I strike chords and matches and out again.


Now that I know

you hear voices and crackles and silence,

I run races and ragged and someday out of time.


Now that I know

you have held breaths and stories and hands,

I have dreamed worries and love notes and how you would look at me.


Now that I know

we love and cry

in the same world.


I have more to believe in

when I have you

but I only have so much space to think

sometimes I forget my own name

so I can remember what you mean to me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 8/7/17

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