I would have kissed you

the first time you asked

but I would have regretted it

I want to know

you mean the things you do


Every time you find

something perfect

and hold it out to me

I try to find

what will mean the most

but I will never be able to carry

what I want to give you


Sometimes I wish

I could meet you


hold every feeling

in the palm of my hand

so I might someday know

who you are


I’m always guessing

what I think

when I can’t pinpoint

how you kickstart my veins


Sometimes I think

my guesses

might be right


when you smile like that

and I fall in love

a little bit



Sometimes I wish

I could kiss you

for the first time



when you were so here

I was bursting

when it was so new

I was awake

for no reason

and every reason

at once

and all I could taste

was this magic


It’s even better

now that I know

so much more of you

than your lips on mine

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 8/6/17

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