I glance over at you and it feels like

you are my oldest friend,

like we have never met

and I want to trace every letter you ever write.


This room is just a room

and we are the miracles.


I breathe in and it hits me

how completely in love with you I am.

If you are asleep I want to be asleep.

If you are awake I want to be awake.

When your lips part I want to be kissing you,

when you are close to me I want to be on the edge with you,

if you are skydiving I want to see the world with you.


I want so much to be

as beautiful as I think this is

and normal and better and worse and immortal,

to talk all the right ways,

to answer all the right questions,

I want so much to be your forever.


But the things that I wish for are rarely within my control.


You have made a list of things I can’t do,

I have added to it,

scribbled all my wishes on my bedside table in the middle of the night

and crossed them out in the morning.


It’s dangerous falling in love with life

when it can be ripped from you so fast.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 8/2/17

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