She touches me like fire,

I will go up in smoke

but not before I arch into her

and all I never knew I needed.


She touches me like fire,

I cave into reason and chaos,

I burn from the edges, everything gone

but my chest and my heart still intact.


She lets me go like water,

when we move together we are no longer two hearts,

our breaths fade and come out in a moan,

our bodies mend to something

we can wear and touch and invent ourselves,

she brings me to the edge and I shake like a wave.


She spreads over me like water,

echoes every breath she coaxes out of me,

fits my need like she made me herself.


She is a fiery storm in this world,

when the flames seeps out I take them in

and I tell her she is beautiful

with smoke-rimmed edges.


When she thinks the red is too much

I will be a waterfall,

let the winds die down around us

and it feels inevitable

I’m glad I fell for this fire.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 7/22/17

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