Too Many


My head is busy when you’re around,

so used to motion,

it is working hard at not thinking now.

I often trip over the easy.


We are not flawless,

we are not falling apart.

We are somewhere in between.


I don’t want to take this state of mind for granted.

I remember too many things you might not want me to

but I want my world to begin and end with you.


I want too many nickels,

too many minutes,

too many words to cry and call home.


I want too many decisions,

too many moans,

too many breaths I hope I won’t regret.


My head is busy when you’re around,

not used to sitting still

and letting every letter slip out

so you can hear it,

I fill it with the freedom to fall

and hope it catches me-


will you catch me?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 7/17/17

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