Nothing to Lose


I’m not scared of falling, you’re going to love the rush

don’t settle for what I want you to be

I won’t beg but I’ll catch you

and when the ice still chokes you in warm weather

I’ll fill this air with antifreeze.


We slip easily into this tango,

a minute in the same room and we’re magnets

No matter how strong I dream the pull

this will never become somewhere

your name isn’t carved in every wall.


I might be foolish but at least I don’t hide it

I’m a creature of habit, I clutch my fears

even when you try to pull them out,

I want to be something you call home.


I shy from your hand and long for your heat at the same time.

I shy from your strength but I’m drawn to your shipwreck

because I can’t possibly fix it.

We have nothing to lose.

What should we be scared of?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 3/1/17

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