Innocence (day 193)

Blood runs rivers like some sort of paradise

I can see it on screen, drenched in sacrifice

All your innocence swirling down the drain

It’s okay, looks like you made it through the rain


I’d rather have stories to tell than a clean slate

You can mutter or scream and I’ll still stay up late

I don’t know how we still have things to say

but I’ll listen at dawn and ride this till it breaks


Minds run wild, I can’t see past my scars

I run in so many circles to find where you are

My innocence cracks your silhouette just to mend

It’s okay, looks like I made it to the end


All this innocence is blinding half a heart

Sitting here when we don’t know where to start

Second-guessing, all the stars aligned instead

I’d rather have stories to tell than a promise unsaid

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 2/5/17


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