Inferno (Slam Poetry) (day 159)

If you gave me the chance

I would pull you inside this cave

I have spent so many hours in,

breathe in the tales

that have stayed on your lips all these years

and make them my own,

make them ours.


I am a thousand degrees,

breathing through the flame

I am made of smoke and ashes

and I am glad you came with matches

not a tsunami

because alone I want to be so full so bright so burning beautiful

and then I want to have you

together we can set the cave on fire.


If you gave me the chance

I would pull you up

like a rocket

You have set the fire under my feet

you have drawn out the sparks from my lungs

you have burst into smoke inside my head

you have turned me into a living, breathing inferno.


But my cave is pitch

and when I realize I have singlehandedly

made your eyes the size of the stars,

the ones that bleed sadness,

I would say

I’m sorry it's so dark in here,

but I’m not really sorry for the darkness

I’m sorry it makes you feel that way.


I’m not sorry for the darkness

because we are still burning

and besides

the music can see me here.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 1/3/17

Inspired by Sabrina Benaim


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