Prisoner (day 130)

Painful to smile, centuries to speak

I’ve kept the world out but you’re a prisoner now

I handcuff you to the cage I won’t break out of

This is older than time, I smile a storm


This is my promise, it’s hard to touch

my hands have been tied to this head for so long

You can wish me normal but when I’m next to you

I’ll always drag these chains behind me


Even if I’m always tired of being alone

I’m never tired of you, alone with you

Crumble your gold to tuck me away

But look who’s a prisoner now


My love is evanescence, fades

into the walls I write you into

They won’t crush you if you tell me

how beautiful my chains are


You’re the grave I want to bury myself in

Please make me want to burn you down

Live like you want me to believe you

Tell me what you want me to see

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 12/6/16


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