Incompatible (day 126)

You are lost to me.

You are these December winds wrapped in skin

while I’m still stuck in sticky summer nights.


I think I still might jump from skylines

to make sure you don’t forget me

and there’s a lot more I’d do too-

trying to comfort human volcanoes like you

but somehow your story doesn’t fit in my mouth.


I’m a fireplace trying to find its way back to an avalanche,

I’ve only tasted snowflakes

and your frost is incompatible with

the countless times each day I spark a dream.


I would rather face this winter,

huddled in a corner of this blizzard-empty house,

than face the truth.


I know this heart is an untamed flame

licking fingers toward the edges of the earth

but more than fucking anything,

I want the snowstorms back.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 12/2/16


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