Fearless (day 111)

I drop to my knees and start the countdown

Risking the higher law I’ve learned

The fear melts from these open gates

All I want to know has hit the ground


You say you still carry everything I’ve done

I can’t help but count your blessings instead of mine

But you dropped the time bomb and hit zero

and with the grand finale I’ve left your head


Hands clasped and now the prayers unwind

I know I don’t need them anymore

With a place like this I carry a candle in the dark

And I’m begging on my knees that you’ll see it


I’m fearless now, I boast gold on my shoulders

I carry the roses but only drop some at your feet

Knives can’t hurt me, I swing my own sword

And the warriors bend when I turn my head


I stand up straight on my own, start the countdown

Love is the higher law I’ve learned

And the fear melts from these silver steel gates

All I need to know I’ve opened with my own keys

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 11/15/16


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