Fever (day 81)

Tell me if you’re coming by,

passing within a mile or a hundred

I’ll turn like a magnet

to your scent but I can’t show it

Let me plant my feet on the ground

so I don’t fly away


I use your silhouette as

a guide to keep me on track

but not because you’re a

guardian angel,

just because I don’t want to

collapse back in your arms


But then I fall apart

and even though you’re gone

it seems I’ve let you down again


My happiness is a high fever that will break

I can see it in your eyes

you’re waiting for it to disappear

so you can stop standing at my bedside

pretending to sing me to sleep and

as soon as I’m unconscious

switching to the devil’s anthem


My weight is a package you can’t carry

I try to recruit you a whole team to hold it

but darling, you just smile and shrink in your seat


My love is a flower that won’t bloom

it grows to the corner away from the light

and darling, you’re there shading the whole garden


My happiness is a high fever that will break

I toss and turn and then come down

and darling, you’re there gladly holding the thermometer.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 10/16/16


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