Death Grip (day 79)

Caught me red-handed

Disappearing into him

If you’d change

you’d be closer to perfect


Caught me red-handed

drawing someone else in

I leave and don’t regret

because he bleeds passion and you just

sit there

and as I’m talking to you

I can’t help falling for him


I don’t want you to

compare yourself to him

I hate things that don’t work

but even more I hate that he knows you

I can’t escape the raw skin you left on my wrist

no matter how far I run

no matter how strong of a death grip

I use when he reaches for my hand

Interlaced fingers to keep me on the ground

and not flying fists at your face


I keep running to escape the sphere you’ve created

trying to find someone that can meet me

and not run through all the stories

you’ve painted in their heads

All the spiderwebs that pull us together

hold more weight than I can take

But I don’t have to take it,

I’ll sit here and cut off the circulation in his fingers

feel my face in his shoulder

built of pure human decency and

radiating he’ll never let me down

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 10/13/16

Interlaced fingers

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