Mirror (day 52)

Winter’s supposed to make me

feel like I belong,

safe in my own skin

but instead I pick this war


Hard to swallow what I thought I saw

in the mirror


So I’ll cut your little heart out

I want to make a mess

of this house and this life


Lightning strikes my reflection

cause there’s no more dreaming

when you’re on the second floor


I wanted summer to steal

all the packages I drag around,

but I guess I’m stuck with them

and I’m chained to that girl

on the other side of the glass


But none of these thoughts break the law,

nothing I write is ever good enough

Why should I be scared of a mirror?


So I’ll be calm as fierce fire when I’m

falling apart,

the cold mirror grounds me

as I press my hand flat as glass

At least it can’t write a dissertation on everything I’ve done wrong and all the slippery words I’ve said

like you did


So I’ll face a different kind of danger

without stepping alone


So I’ll lose what I needed

just to realize I’m okay


So I’ll learn sometimes

one snow angel, one sprinter in the heat

is even better


So I’ll almost scream but

use my voice for more desperate things

like telling her she’s beautiful


I’ll cut your little heart out

and leave it on the staircase,

so I can step over it and not

carry it any more miles


But I won’t shatter that mirror

she’s all I have.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 9/22/16


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Dguerrero10's picture

I love the pithy style this

I love the pithy style this is written in, good job!