Moondust and Memory (day 42)

If we didn’t come here we wouldn’t have melted

into such a beautiful mesh of forgotten explanations

and the feeling that we’ve known everyone in this room

for centuries.


Tangled moondust beckons from the corners

to pull us together in a mess of our own making.


In the dark this room is compacted to a quarter of its size

and pushes our hands together

We’re connected even if we don’t know all our own names.


We’re perfect when we’re crying and laughing

in the same minute,

a symphony of meetings and learning our own sound.


Moondust binds us to a haven we won’t regret

Even if we don’t conquer the world

we’ve already won.


And we can hear a medley of a hundred voices

flowing through memories barely made…

If you lose yourself, I will find you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 9/11/16


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