Drowning (day 12)

The sky is screaming

The moon is awake

I want to reach everything I can in this ocean,

make footsteps with your ghost

that fade away in seconds

like the bond we never made


I fall at your feet,

run a world away

I don’t know what I want

but I need to let you slip through my fingers


I want to know you but

I need to keep living

and I’m afraid if I touch your afterglow I’ll drown


The sky is smiling

as I kiss you away

moments and midnights

fading as I fall


But I have to fall,

past the beauty and the unknown,

past the wonder and frustration,

past being high on summer and perfect heartache,

through this sea floor

before I can breathe again.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 8/15/16


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