Shatterings Whisper


Where do I find wishes
when I spent all my dreams on you
Where do I find medals
when all the talents I had
were tossed to the abyss

Staring up at the sky
living midnights, loving pain
Where do I store these memories
when I've disowned the glass house
made of you

I crush them both in my arms
my sister the sun and my brother the moon
Watch the two twist into a twilight
plunge my hands into blue
and ache for everything I've fallen for

And all the pages of this story
spell out words I can't understand
the same and the same and confusing

Shatterings whisper
between the lines

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 3/8/16

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Awesome story, full of

Awesome story, full of confusion and attempts to get unstuck. I love where you relate the sun to your sister and the moon to your brother. Very different approach.