Music Cannon


A melody

aims its rays

through a kaleidoscope

into her ear,

shoots them through

a music cannon

to travel the stars

in her eyes


to tremble

in her bones,

chill her heart

to its core.


She tilts her head back,

closes her eyes

but my eyes stay open

I can’t stop gazing

through her

to the piano

she’s playing in her head


And I want to whisper

through her tunnel of


so she’ll hear…


Let the shiver

fill you up,

ache for someone

you’ve never met


And when you feel

the music tingling

in your hands

throw it out

to the world,

shoot it through

your music cannon


and sing

with all of your

soul but

stay right here

by the edge of the water,

keep your eyes closed


and in your head

kiss to the beat

of the music.


So that when you open them

the light floods in

and you

see me for what I am,

framed by the music


and when you wake up

it will become




I whisper


standing above that

smile that could

light up the world,

“that was me

playing the duet

with you

in your head.”

Author's Notes/Comments: 

So I'm not quite sure what happened with this one...but I just ran with it.


Written 11/16/15

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KindredSpirit's picture

Very good. KS

Very good.


tallsquirrelgirl's picture

Thank you!!

Thank you!!

*tallsquirrelgirl* she feels in italics and thinks in CAPITALS ~henry james

and_hera_met_zeus's picture

i like it!!!

it takes you on a journey.

tallsquirrelgirl's picture

Thank you!!

Like I said, I really don't know what this is- it just happened :)

*tallsquirrelgirl* she feels in italics and thinks in CAPITALS ~henry james