perhaps even the stars dance

perhaps even the stars dance

when i let your light shines

and you smiled back

and you shared your music, your stories, your life


it feels so good

to capture our cup of tea

to show you pieces of me

to have a peek of your road trip

and listen to you as you speak


oh it was a pure bliss

to be a part of your distance

to put into words this unspoken lines

and agreed with a sigh that our choices were right


it is so funny and weird

to see you dancing from afar

like i was there but i was not

like you were here but cannot

to ask a question and avoid the answer

because we both knew what we cannot have


so perhaps the stars dance

that again our space collides

and it still feels awesome

until time revolted

and put it back to what we had...



Author's Notes/Comments: 

you had this nostalgic feeling?

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