I'm just

                                       I'm Just
My heart longs for you
My spirit tries to sail through
But my flesh fails to breakthrough
Im just a speck from the blue
Lord my saviour hear me cry
For there is so much thirst in this soul so dry
I'm just a bird longing to fly

I'm left alone and cold in the bumpy ride 
Only to be warmed up by a rivers tide
It's not enough to fill this gap so wide
But I know I'm just as silent as a gentle night

The light is too bright for my eyes to see
The darkness is so blind to set me free
The noise of silence, broken by a laughter of glee
I'm just a servant waiting for my master to flee.

BY winston Chikowero
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I can't explain what I have felt

When these words I've read

So I'm left with only this to say

I pray this light brings hope to you..



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Thank you

Hey thank you very much,,truely speaking i could not create any sense in the poem till you shed some light

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:D Anytime! Haven't really

:D Anytime!

Haven't really talked to you until now so I'm just glad you answered my post :3

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Its ok eyy,,will talk more 

Its ok eyy,,will talk more