Fighting Fears of My Past

Sorrow continues to grow,
and fill my heart.
This ache--
I never thought I would feel again.
Returning, are these tears,
Threatening to break free.
One trickles down my cheek.
No longer, can I stare at this woman--
The woman I used to be,
With her own share of worries.
Her face is younger,
No greys in her hair.
But, her eyes hold a different sorrow--
That of lonesomeness,
I am no longer that woman.
That image shall have no control!
Yet, I feel the fears rise--
I have finally found him,
The man I have longed for,
My soul-mate.
Will he be ripped away?
I know he must leave,
And fight for our country.
Still these are fears,
Brought on from my past.
Taking my eyes from that,
Of the young woman I used to be--
I look at my hand,
my nails cut short.
Creases growing deeper with age.
I am not her,
I have grown--
I must be strong for my family.
A family I built with him.
I must keep strong while he is away--
He will fight for our country,
And I will fight to keep life at home,
At bay.

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To be in anothers shoes,

wonderful read! you filled me with compassion for your days and trials, hopes and fears in a very real way. I am enjoying the honesty of your works. Warm regards SS

Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

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