I still smell you

Leaking out, from inside me

The stink lingers a little too long in my nostrils

The flare of heat—that I once felt—

Seems to have flickered

With my bed freshly unmade,

And your presence still slightly present

I fall to the shower floor—

To drown this hallow ache

Unsure of my own feelings

And too afraid to look within

I scour at my skin, with this scathing rag—

Tattered and worn—

As I feel inside

The water—running over me—

At boiling temperature

Lets pieces of my flesh—

Be swallowed by the drain

Slowly; I rise to my feet

Shaky, still, from the unnerving feeling—

Tugging at my heart

Still unsure if this love has faded

I hesitate on this brink,

Which I once dangled

With one toe gripping the ledge

I look over, and see it’s not so bad

The fall, not as far as it once seemed

And so I take one, last, final leap—

Letting all thoughts of you—


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written on 12/12/2009

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