Has there been that moment—
When you have felt that I may be the one?
Can I just say—
I dream of you when you are not near?
That I yearn for your touch when you are?
Are you the one?
Is my heart fooling me—
Once again?
Live in me;
Breathe with me.
Hold my hand;
Promise me eternity.
I beg of you that you do not leave—
As others have.
Poetic is my soul;
Uneven is my grasp on reality.
Uncover these layers—
Find my heart still beating;
Although uneven and temperamental—
It continues for you—
For your words of promises—
Of hope.
May you hold on to me as I cling to you.
Every night I wish to be close to you;
Every morning I long to wake—
To see your eyes gaze into mine.
What is to become of our destiny?
Shall it be as one,
Or two of a different heart?
We shall see, my dear, as it has only just begun

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written on 6/25/10

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