Realist VS Romantic

“You,” he said, “are a romantic and I a realist
Can’t you see there is this distance
There is that mountain standing against the horizon
The rapid rivers and the clouds which have turned black
There is a road in which to travel to you
But can’t you see? It just won’t do”


“I just want you,” I say, “No one else will do
The thought of you is what wakes me in the morning
My dreams at night contain only you…”


“You…” he said, then paused. “You and I
We could never be, we live in two different worlds
With different histories…”


“NO!” I scream; then sob.
“The thought of you disappearing with no return
That is like the earth with no sun
Like air with no oxygen
I’ll turn blue; I’ll drown
If there is no you; I cannot go on
You told me when I met you that you wanted a girl
Who you could hold onto and would cling to you too
A girl you would never let go if she were the right one”


He sat, silenced. No emotion shown on his face
His jaw set straight and his eyes sat blank.
I said nothing more, but waited for him to continue
“The distance is too far and the feelings are growing too strong
I can not let this go on.
I am a realist and you a romantic, can’t you see?
I see the truth, laid out in front of me
Colds will come in and storms will brew
The ground will become covered
And I’ll have no way to get to you
If I were to fall for you
If it were to happen
I could not go no more than a week without seeing you.”


“How?” I simply inquire. He does not answer
He has turned his face from me, his eyes lowered.
I want to say more, I want him to see the truth
But, obviously, what is true to me is not so to him
He’s right, I am a romantic and he a realist
I can see our future; make ways for it to work
In my head, anything you seek is possible
If you want it, if you want that one person
You make it be. He surprises me, when he finally speaks
So softly, yet audible

“I do want that one girl, but it can’t be you…”


“WHY NOT?!” I scream, tears running freely down my cheeks
He pays me no mind, as he gets to his feet
Turning from me, he walks away
I come to my feet; my knees weaken
I fall to the cold, wet side walk, as tears roll down my cheeks
He continues walking,
And with each step, my heart cracks


“Please! Stop! Before it shatters!
Please! No more!
I don’t think my heart can take it!
If you take another step, if there is another crack,
If you leave me alone here,
Who is to say I will love again?”


He soon disappears
And I am left talking to a figment of my imagination

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written on 11/22/09

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J9thxciv's picture

Been through something like that, decades ago, but it still haunts me, as one of the most traumatic experiences of my life. You express it very well in this poem.

J9thxciv, fka Starward

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