It’s been all this time;

Still you stand by my side.

I see into your eyes,

As fear constricts me.

I feel my love grow for you;

My throat closes,

As I choke on failures of the past.

Still… I open my heart to you.

Anticipation, I feel, I am almost there.

What I wouldn’t give to run into your arms;

To be held by you every night;

To bare your child,

And grow old with you;

Sit next to you in my whicker rocking chair,

And hold your hand

As we stare off into the sunset,

On our wrap around porch,

Off our little yellow house,

With our white picket fence,

And ongoing gardens.

To wake up in your arms every morning,

What I wouldn't give;

You are that man I’ve longed to live for.

Dreams become unraveled

Reality opens my eyes;

Here you are...

Can I hold onto you?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written on 6/5/10

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