For You

I changed my life, for you;


Forgot to reminisce once again.


I felt my breath let go, for you;


And fell down this backless cliff.


I dreamed about loveless lives;


Felt your breath on the back of my neck;


And your arm slip around my waist.


My faced turned to you;


A kiss, gently planted on my neck.


I dream of you when I sleep;


I feel you dreaming next to me.


Morning comes; you kiss me awake.


I’ve come back to life, for you,


From this motionless sleep.


I toss and turn and yearn for you;


I sometimes reach out, and you’re not there-


And then I remember, I live with you;


Where could you run to get away?


I sometimes dream of marrying you;


To share an endless life of bliss.


Although, life is not that simple.


So I will settle for contentment,


And subtle happiness.


I fear I may be falling for you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written in 2005

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