Bury Me

Bury those lies deep

And hope no one realizes,

The facade you put on;

This mask in which you hide.

I know who you are—

Now nothing to me.

I hear your voice,

And your hand reaches for mine.

It turns out, I am no longer present;

But a figment of your imagination;

A restless soul who has since forgotten,

What love is; what love could be.

I can sense the discontentment;

The nights gone loveless,

Because you chose her over me;

I carried on, and you were left behind,

In a distant memory.

I may have killed for you,

And that love you claimed to me—

Your arms outstretched for me;

The man who stole my innocence.

No, not now;

There can no longer be us.

It is hidden in the past—

Beneath a layer of dust.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written in 2007

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