The Pearl

Hello, streetwalker,

Find your solace today?

Euphoria in dances and dreadlocks,

Drugs and decay.

I read your book.

Thank you for your consideration,

thank you for your efforts,

thank you for your useless compassion

That will never change the world,

But keep prentending.

Hello, streetwalker,

Kiss it better today?

Mother earth lies beneath your streets

Of corruption and good intentions,

Her coffin formed by your sacreligion

Of steel and concrete,

Cigarette butts and beer cans.

Hello, streetwalker,

Meet your Maker today?

He cried in your quiet alleys.

He held your hair clippings.

He kissed your empty coffee cup,

And drank the mud you so graciously left.

Hello, streetwalker,

Go to Hell and back today?

They found it on your corner,

your open-air retreat.

They picked up the piece you dropped

And held it close.

Then they crushed it underfoot

And moved on to the next hopeless cause.

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