Old Man in the Park. A Pregunta.

Old Man why do you walk so slow?

To give me time to see the flowers grow.

Old Man why do you stop and linger?

To listen to the birds, natures singer'

Old man why do you smile as lovers walk past?

I remember my youth which passed so fast.

Old Man what is your wish for the world today?

That people love people, stop wars without delay,

Old Man who is that Lady by your side?

My wife now nearly seventy years a bride.

Old Man, sometimes you look sad, then smile!

Come walk with us, share our dreams, down the last enchanted mile.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Memories of seventy years married

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pangan_l_l's picture

Excellent Poem. I should have

Excellent Poem. I should have visited your poems earlier. :)

Ruth Lovejoy's picture

excellent piece very evocative..