Rainy Night.

Coal black shadows,

in puddled street

amber lit, by

reflecting pools.

Dreary drips from

rooftop's shine

catching glints

from hurried feet. 

Halo'd light of

lamp led glow,

washes down the

river'd road.

Shop fronts bright

with sun's disguise

throws false warmth

to path below.

Dampened coats

stand in a row,

to patient wait 

for bus to load.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A painting I saw several years ago.

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i liked the rythum on this one   i`m not here much just put everything i write here for a home page

and for copy rights spend most of my poetry time on writers cafe  you are welcome to join

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Hi, I'm glad you liked it,

Hi, I'm glad you liked it, thank you. No wonder I haven't seen your work as much, like you I am not here quite as often. I am with UKAuthors mainly as many are professional writers and  give very helpful and constructive feedback on a more technical level, I have learnt a lot from them. :-) sweetwater.

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good for you ,i don`t really care about comments i write for the love of it

don`t expect to be a famous author

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I think you are right.

I think you are right. Although my writing itself has improved, because I am now so conscious of critique I worry too much about what others will think, and that really has destroyed much of the enjoyment of writing, its confidence  sapping.

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well come to writers cafe . org  we are easy and polite

you will love it

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Many thanks will give it a

Many thanks will give it a look :-) x