Night Terrors.



In halls of day with chamber's fair,

Does sanity walk, and linger there.

Come threads of dark, to weave the moon,

Shadowed fiends will pipe their tune.


Black backed Demons claw your skin

Where forked of tongue, the viper's cling.

The shroud of night will call it's dead

To rain all fears upon your bed.


Yet shards of arrowed, morning light

That black backed Demon's heart shall smite.

The day fresh washed, your fears alayed,

Your Demon dragon has been slayed.









Author's Notes/Comments: 

Night time can bring so many irrational fears, minor things can turn into something terrifying. But once daylight returns everything is back in proportion. I often wonder if this stems from our ancestors fear of the dark having no means of counteracting it.

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For me, sentence structure is

For me, sentence structure is always the key to good verses. Yours are always impressive. As always, I enjoyed the read.

You really should post more on facebook. 

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Hi Carl,  Thank you so much,

Hi Carl,  Thank you so much, I always value your views :-)  I have posted several on Writers Guild, and facebook poetry site, but I get very little feed back or interest. Apart from a guy called josh who is an  amazing poet  most of the writing seems to be teenage angst Which is so different from mine, so I don't really bother with them anymore.  Sue XX