Too vile of tongue,

      Their viper's ink

Does so defile

      With foulest thread,

In place I wander

      There to think,

Dark anger words

      'Neath steps I tread.

No watching eye

      The hand to stay,

Or steadfast knight

      This dragon slay.

But toss of coin

      To show reverse

A gift from hand

      With art converse.

Let beauty flow

      Upon each stroke,

A canvas wall

      Becomes bespoke.

But eyes of watching

      Dullards here

Out to the uniform      

      Call clear.















Author's Notes/Comments: 

So fed up with seeing our lovely park attacked by vandals, with foul minds and bad spelling, they are never caught. But someone who can actually paint, and inspires people by brightening up dingy, depressing city walls will get caught and prosecuted. 

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