Paying The Price.

Like precious blood, seeped from a vein,

The essence of what we were is lost.

The bond we knew was sculptured ice

A magical gift, melted away.

Warmth from your eyes on me once shone

I fear it will never shine again.

Your love for me now gone astray.

Lonely winds have chilled my day.

Too high the wall, to step across

Too wide the river, too deep the cost.

But I will always pay the price,

I'll take it from my bank of pain.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For my daughter, a chill wind blew across our path, and took with it the wonderful bond we'd shared for thirty seven years.I will always be her mum, but no longer it seems, her friend.

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Miss.Jenna's picture

great write

I love the write. gives me chills. sorry about your daughter.. but she seems to be a good inspiration. keep up the good work :D

sweetwater's picture

Thank you, really miss our

Thank you, really miss our friendship, but pleased you enjoyed  reading it :-)