Unrequited Love, The Bitter Sweet Passion.






Oh how the emotions do tear at my heart.

Rending the flesh from my bones.

Whipping with torturous, cutting precision.

While squeezing all breath from my body.

Constricting the blood, which boils in my veins.

Bringing more pain, than I ever could know.

Then for a short while, I regain control.

The burden of torture is lifted.

But once more, you walk through my mind,

The emotions now reclaim their hold

And tear me apart once again.















Author's Notes/Comments: 

Someone special.

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Starward's picture

Poetic beauty, heartwrenching accuracy

You have described the experience very accurately and succinctly.  Quite the paradox:  such raw emotion can be described to artistically, as you have done here.


sweetwater's picture

Hi thank you very much, so

Hi thank you very much, so glad you liked it. :-)