No Escape.

This world I fear is not for me,

The world I knew I cannot see.

No longer there, the wooded weald

Been carved up, by 'suits' well heeled.


The heath I roamed when I was young-

Commuter homes, brick walls, tile hung.

The village small, all knew each name

Now pushed aside, Developments reign.


My last move now, I have to stay.

Here meadows, flowers and trees hold sway.

But now I see, developers plan

To steal my world, by wave of hand.


Again they seek to take from me

All the things that set me free,

Leave me to drown in my despair.

Those greed led men, who do not care.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

No matter how fast I run from the land grabbing developer, he always catches me up! If I can't have some 'country' space to roam, my life will have no point or meaning. 

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and_hera_met_zeus's picture

:( heartbreaking to watch the

:( heartbreaking to watch the beautiful wild spaces get bulldozed into looking like everywhere else.

sweetwater's picture

Yes, I agree. It's not just

Yes, I agree. It's not just that we lose beautiful places, but so much wildlife that holds our planet in balance is destroyed. it frightens me to think how we are carelessly throwing everything away for our own selfish greed. Man is this worlds biggest enemy. Many thanks for your comments x

darkpool's picture

I sympathize with your

I sympathize with your anguish. My neighborhood was alo once farm and forest, now it's been carved up and gentrified. Unfortunately, we can't all live at the end of the road. 

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Thank you for reading and

Thank you for reading and commenting,the countryside has always been my life's breath. Now I am tied down by my family's genetic arthritis I cannot go away from my immediate vicinity to reach any, however my house at the moment is in a semi rural location which has inspired me to keep walking around the fields, despite the pain.  Now with the plans for more huge estates here there will be nowhere for me to go, no point in struggling to walk round streets. It breaks my heart.