Dream Here No More.





Tranquil haven of quietening peace

Blessed of bough and sward of green.

Such a place to sit and dream,

Site of beauty, Heaven's seen.


Come the asphalt river grey

Washed this haven's Soul away.

The blind of foot and veiled of eye

Do those pleasures now decry.


No more can inspirations gift,

Give to this saddened, dreamers heart.

Forsake the darkened spirit's lift,

Elysian fields this life depart.


































































Author's Notes/Comments: 

There is a small park behind my home, it was beautiful, just trees, birds, grass and no people, very rarely was it ever used by anyone else as it was so out of the way. I loved it, was always walking in it. Just peace and quiet. A small road and path ran alongside but not close and didn't intrude. The council decided to run an almost, road width, path right through the middle of it. Now its little more than a wide path and verge. People everywhere, off road bikes And drunk teenagers after dark. Heartbreaking. 

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Thank you for your comment,

Thank you for your comment, will read as suggested. :-) x