The Mountain.

High above the silver clouds

A tiny child asleep.

His life begins atop the peak

His goals lie at his feet.

Every day, he must climb down,

His mountain's challenge, he must face.

A thousand rocks may bar his way

And into chasms he will fall.

The clouds will blind his eyes to sight

And evil winds to him will call.

Lower he'll climb,to find his path

And along it's way he'll travel.

For it will lead to firmer ground

And all his goals will there be found.

If he can walk a steady pace,

He'll stand beneath his mountain tall

And he'll be proud he's won his race.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is for my son-in-law, Paul who is finding life harder than he thought.

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48daniel's picture

Wow... I really loved reading

Wow... I really loved reading this poem! The rythm and flow were just completely incredible. Masterfully done. 

sweetwater's picture

Thank you so much for such a

Thank you so much for such a kind comment. :-) X