A Winter's Afternoon.

The grey swept skies, brushed with silver

Back-drop the skeletal trees,

Whose beseeching boughs, bereft of leaves

Twist, contorted along the bank.

Dark ivy, clad atop the walls

Stands shadowed in the gloaming,

While light still filters down the way

And glistening upon it falls.

And all is still, and velvet soft

As day withholds her breath,

Bowing out, a quiet death

As evening has his way.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just lookin out of my window, and I saw this.

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cevance's picture

An absolutely lovely write,

An absolutely lovely write, Sue.


I hope you had a wonderful birthday.

sweetwater's picture

Glad you liked it :-) and yes

Glad you liked it :-) and yes I had a lovely day thank you, received a rhyming dictionary( among other gifts) Which my daughter remembered I told her you recomended. It's very interesting, already made a note of several words I may use.xx