Three Cats And A Go-Between.

The gentle pad of approaching paws

And Ashton enters in.

Just for a second, close by his side

Another's form I see.

The hands of death release their grip

To briefly, bring a lost one home.


He seems to be a go-between,

From this world to the next.

And each of them will take their turn

To appear somewhere for me.


I know not where I'll see them,

Or when they will arrive.

But I can see them, clear as clear

And always at his side.

The shadowed mists between our worlds

We cannot truly see.

So many things to us unknown-

Bring happiness to me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

At various times and in different places in my house, my cat Ashton will bring with him one of my previous, and much loved cats, I can clearly see which of the three cats it is. So it's not a shadow or reflection. I only have a second or so with them but its long enough to speak to them.

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cevance's picture

A very heartwarming write,

A very heartwarming write, Sue. Thanks for posting this on FB where I saw it on my newsfeed.

sweetwater's picture

Oh dear, I meant to hit the

Oh dear, I meant to hit the edit box, must have caught the fb one as well. Not entirely sure about this- definatly didn't want it on fb though oops ! But appreciate your comment, thank you   :-)X

Morningglory's picture

Wow. That's a beautiful

Wow. That's a beautiful story/experience. Very interesting...

Copyright © morningglory

sweetwater's picture

Thank you for your very kind

Thank you for your very kind comment :-) X

Sunmaiden's picture

Oh My Goodness, what a

Oh My Goodness, what a wonderful work of art,  this is so beautiul. I also have a former cat who comes to visit me, just a glimpse or a brush against my leg, to let me know he is waiting at the Rainbow Bridge for me.



sweetwater's picture

Thank you, been wanting to

Thank you, been wanting to write about this for a while, then it just arrived in my head. It annoys me when people say there's no such thing as spirits or ghosts, some of us are 'tuned in' and others arn't , that's all there is to it. I'm glad your cat still visits you. X. I'm hoping all my animals are waiting for me over that bridge. :-) X

Sunmaiden's picture

They will all be waiting for

They will all be waiting for you at the bridge, and will be so happy to see you. Every animal you've ever had, in all your lives will be there to welcome you home. What a wonderful thought



sweetwater's picture

Funny you should mention

Funny you should mention lives, pretty sure I was here before around the 1750s ish, see countryside and cottage, no pets though. very strange. Xx