Wasted Dreams.

Stop the clock, turn back the time.

All that's passed I wish to unwind.

Lay at my feet all dreams I held

So I may once more, my future find.


So many years have passed my door.

The time to dream has gone before.

The dreams I held were whisked away

Upon the clouds where infinity lay.


Just out of reach they resided there.

I heard them call to me.

For all the years I've lived my life

Ive failed to set them free.





Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just looking back.. With regrets.

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cevance's picture

I'd gladly do it all over

I'd gladly do it all over again. Perhaps I'd get it right this time. Nice write, Sue... Hat's off to you my dear.

sweetwater's picture

Thank you Carl,I'd like to

Thank you Carl,I'd like to keep a few things and blend them with what I really wanted. :-)