Bonfire Night.

Safely snuggled in his mothers arms,

Peeping beneath a woolly hat

Bright eyes reflect the leap and dance,

The crackle and snap

Of bonfire flames.


Black-bodied bats, outlined in gold

Fly from the trees to traverse the sky.

Then Boom!-and a synchronized jump

Sweeps through the crowd.

Excited voices cry

"look the fireworks have begun".


Screaming golden dragons,spitting sparks

Twist across the night.

Tinsel trails of red and green.

A waterfall of silver.

All thuds and bangs,whoosh and whistle

And screams of audience delight.


I look towards those two dark eyes

Beneath the woolly hat-to peep,

With head upon his mothers shoulder

The little lad is fast asleep!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My 18 month old Grandson's second bonfire night!

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Thanks for sharing this

Thanks for sharing this wonderful memory and allowing us, through your words, to join the festivities.

Nicely written, thanks for posting.

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Your comments are much

Your comments are much appreciated, thank you. :-) X