Time Takes Away.

 A world of pain, a time insane.

Then a tiny cry.

Two wondering eyes look at you,and suddenly

All consuming love strikes,

Carried like a lightening bolt.

The world is yours once again...

But forever changed.


The love you give holds no conditions.

Their world becomes your own.

Their every breath is precious.

And a lifetime of love begins.


Then all too soon, there comes the day

This child is yours no longer.

Born to you forever - but bound to walk away.

They take with them the life you've loved,

The joy they gave each day.


No more the centre of their world,

Their need of you, to fade away.

The pain you felt when they were born

Is as nothing...to the pain you'll feel that day.






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i cant wait to have kids!

i cant wait to have kids!

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Don't worry, the first two

Don't worry, the first two lines do not apply to you! Lol :-)